DAVID Sunflower Seeds

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Roasted in the shell, this robust, salty flavor started it all.


Try roasted sunflower seeds in a tangy Bar-B-Q seasoning—the perfect complement to a great barbecue!


Saddle up and savor our rich, roasted Ranch flavor.

Nacho Cheese

The hearty flavor of nacho cheese plus America’s favorite sunflower seeds!

Jalapeño Hot Salsa

Nothing fires up your taste buds like the spicy sensation of our Jalapeño Hot Salsa sunflower seeds.

Reduced Sodium

The same great DAVID taste, but with less sodium.

Dill Pickle

Tangy dill pickle flavor plus America's favorite sunflower seeds hit the spot.

DAVID Jumbo Sunflower Seeds


Roasted and salted in the shell, this robust, salty flavor started it all.

Buffalo-Style Ranch

Everything tastes better buffalo-style!

Hot & Spicy

Some like it hot. And some like it Hot & Spicy.

DAVID Sunflower Kernels

Sunflower Kernels

Are seeding and spitting not for you? Then go straight to the flavor-rich goodness with DAVID Sunflower Kernels. They are a perfect complement to and topping for your recipes.

All Natural Pumpkin Seeds

All Natural Pumpkin Seeds

Tasty and crunchy with a fresh-roasted flavor, DAVID Pumpkin Seeds are all-natural deliciousness. You even can eat the shell!